Torpedo sandwich at Dempseys Restaurant
Homemade Gourmet Pizza Sauce at Downtown Dempseys
Tanners Toasted Tuna Pita Pocket at Downtown Dempseys in Adrian MI
Gourmet Taco Pizza from Downtown Dempsey Restaurant Adrian MI
Jolly Jalapeno Gourmet Sandwich at Downtown Dempseys

Downtown Dempsey’s – Good Eats, Sweet Treats

Here at Downtown Dempsey’s our mission is to provide quality food to our patrons while educating them about the practices of sustainable dining.  We hope you feel like family, learn a little about eco-friendly dining, and most importantly – enjoy the food!

The original Dempsey’s Restaurant was a beloved town favorite for over 30 years. Mike and Char Dempsey, the original owners of Dempsey’s Restaurant started the business with the goals of bringing quality food to Adrian, treating their customers like family, and providing a life for their own family.  Little did they know, their original recipes would cultivate an enormous loyal customer base.

Among those loyal customers were the Sieler family.  Les and Mary Sieler were avid fans of the Timeless Torpedo and Dempsey’s homemade pizzas. In fact, the night their daughter was born, Les and his son Tyler went to Dempsey’s Restaurant to celebrate! Similar to many in the area, Dempsey’s Restaurant was one of the Sielers’ favorite places to hang out.

Sadly, Char Dempsey passed in 2002, and after Mike Dempsey’s passing in 2006, Loretta Dempsey, one of their children, took over the restaurant.  In 2010 the restaurant closed permanently. Dempsey’s Restaurant was sorely missed by all who had ever had the pleasure of dining there.

Eight years later, the Sielers offered Loretta the opportunity to work for them under the new name ‘Downtown Dempsey’s’ using her parent’s original recipes, which she accepted.

Les and Mary’s daughter Tiffany, offered to manage the new restaurant and has incorporated many sustainability initiatives into the business’ practices.

Mixing the old with the new, Downtown Dempsey’s has incorporated the stellar original recipes into a modern menu.